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The IJVR is a professional journal dedicated to the promotion and publication of new research and technology in the realm of Virtual Reality. The information regarding this new and constantly emerging technology is of interest to computer media professionals worldwide as well as others interested in the expanding potential of virtual reality. The journal has been published since 1995 when virtual reality was still in its infancy.

International Journal of Virtual Reality solicites contributions describing original research results, applications, and experience in all fields of Virtual Reality.

IJVR has a commitment to rigourous yet rapid reviewing. Final versions are published electronically immediately upon receipt. Until the end of 2013, paper volumes were published and sold by IPI Press. All published papers are freely available online (after log in).


Acceptance rate : 37 %
Average delays for reviews : 1.5 months
Acceptance delays for publication : 2.5 months

Journal Impact Factor : 0.79 (2-year Google-based Journal Impact Factor)

Start Year: 1995
Years of publishing: 23
Number of articles published on this website: 292
Total number of citations since journal start: 1574
Total number of users : 526

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